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Premium Pumpkin Seed Oil

for Apreciator

For the best taste!

Our family farm is producing Premium Pumpkin Seed Oil also known as “black gold” since 1995. The business is growing every year, because if you got used to the full-body, nutty flavour Premium Pumpkin Seed Oil you don’t want a different one.

Greek Olive Oil "Extra Virgin"

Direct from the Farmer

Our Greek Olive Oil “Extra Virgin” also known as “green gold” is from Pilion/Volos in Greece. The selection of the oil will be done in Greece. Our extra virgin olive oil is personally qualified to guarantee the highest quality.

Premium Colza Oil

The best Colza Oil from Austria

Our Premium Colza Oil also called as „yellow gold“ gets produced in Austria. It got awarded with gold and Ölkaiser at Wieselburg Ab-Hof Messe. It can be used for deep frying and to refine cold meals.


The Result

is the key driver!

We dedicated for a big variety of natural, cold pressed and healthy oils, which are carefully selected. All our oils have a huge amount of unsaturated fatty acids and have a health enhancing effect.



Tieber - natürlicher Ölgenuss

Our company philosophy is to have only the best quality which you can get on the market. The offered oils are all cold pressed to retain all-natural ingredients, so they will not be chemical treated or refined.

A good food can be healthy too with the right incrediants.

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